In a relationship,sacrifice is something really great. Yes! its a kind of positive thing to do-sometimes its even important to sacrifice you position or something just to save your relationship. Sacrifice is the form of love and acts as a mediator between you and your loved one.

For example: you and your wife wants something to be done, but you both have different sets of opinions; now its something that can cause a world war(because everyone calls their spouse as their world 🙂 ). Now the point is-you are right or as usual your wife is right( It’s a joke don’t take it seriously)

But now,one have to give up on their opinion or position just to save the world war and for the sake of peace. And no one wants to sacrifice anything, unless the reason for sacrifice is strong and that reason is’ your beautiful relationship of love’. That person is more important to you than anything else and that’s what love is. So as per my thinking, sacrifice is a form of love and if it’s done for the sake of love then it’s really ‘fruitful’. Thanks