Today this is most common topic which we hear .

Women are saying they want equal rights(i agree) 

Man also makes similar demands it seems like two countries are fighting for their sovereignty .i see lots of divorce were taking place because of this men and women issue and many relationship ends because of this issue.

Well from my personal point of view with no offence to anyone (man or woman) i want to say that equality is good but equality does not always means justice.

For example sun and moon if  we say sun and moon are equal  thats not true bt the main problem begins here when one starts thinking who is better .sun is important for many reasons and it has different qualities than moon similarly moon has many qualities which sun does not have so why to comapre both .why cant we accept this fact that sun and moon are both important for humans to survive .humans needs moon and sun both in his life and both have equal importance but with different qualities.

Same analogy with man and woman .

In a relationship both have to make sacrifices to make the relation happy both have to adjust ,not everytime men will get what they want not every time women will get what they want but they have to understand each others importance and situation in order to live happily and they have to do sacrifice of their desires and wants sometime and this is law of nature.

Without woman a man is incomplete and without man a woman is .

Dont get me wrong i am not saying that its wrong for a women to protest against injustice toward her (same with man) but i am talking about relationship and the problems which arise due to this comparison issue 🙂  we need food and water both to survive so dont compare food and water they are distinct in nature but equally important for survival 🙂

Thanks and sorry i am not very good at expressing my views in words bt i try to do my best if u find something wrong pardon me 🙂