There was a boy who belong to  a middle class family .He was the only child of his parent .when he graduated from university and dind’t get a job he became extremely depressed .He started to think that his life is hell and he will not achieve anything in life .

HE  had a small house ,small car and basic things of his need .one day he went out for a walk and after the walk he sits beside the road on chair and start thinking about his life .

While he was in his deep thinking ,a small boy came to him and start begging for one rs and he was of age 7 or 8 years .All the dialogue which he was delivering was written by his mom (who forced him to beg) .He does not even know what he was doing he was just following the command of his mother.

When he saw him and gave him 5rs that small boy start laughing and he rush toward his mother and gave 5 rs to her and joined his freinds who was playing on the road .

The boy was playing but when any other man sits on chair he start crying and makes innocent face and came to him and again start begging untill he got some money and then back to play.

He saw this and his heart was moved by this incident . Tears starts flowing from his eyes and then he realised that his life is not hell but he had lot to be thankfull ,this small boy(beggar) whose age is 7 year living much harder life than him and still smiling so how can he be hopeless about life .He thanked god and for his small house (atleast he had a roof  for shelter).

Struggles are the part of life ,every one had to go through it but always remember that god gave u many reason to be thankfull.i am not saying not to dream big but i am saying work hard but always see those who are below you and feel happy about what u already had .

Thanks πŸ™‚