This is the most common sentence we hear from all around .whenever you try to do something not everyone but most of the people around you  will say ”oh! So you wanna do this believe me you cant”.

Hmmm i first dont understand that how do they know in advance that i cant! I contemplate on this issue and then 🙂 miracle happend and i got the answer 🙂 and that answer is ”becuase they cant do it so based on their experience they say you cant”. 

My whole point is that we got one life and in our century its hardly of 50 to 70 years ( if u are lucky enough) then why cant i try what i want to do  . Ok for the sake of arguement i agree with you that if i will try to do something i will not get success but if you flip your google and see it from another side then you will see a clear and different picture and that is ‘ yes i have failed but you know what i gained experience and when i will be on my death bed i am not going to regret for this or say i wish i could try that in my lifetime or my life would be different if i had done that(whatever you wish for and doesn’t try because of fear of failure or “you cant ” type of peoples.)

For me nothing is loss in life becuase i was born with empty hands and 

i will die empty hands so if  i was born with ‘0’ marks and i have achieved 5 marks which less out of 100 but still this my success atleast i am not going to end up on Zero again . 

So try ,fail, learn,grow, achieve  and die 🙂  rather than not  trying ,thinking,fear of failure, you cant and die 🙂

I dont know if you all get my point or not and many of you will dissagree with me but as  i told you in my previous blog that this is jst my views .so if you find something wrong pardon me 🙂