When i was born i am not able to take care of myself(thats law of nature) but there are two persons in my life who took care of me ,they feed me ,they clean me, and they taught me how to speak and everything i need .

They always wished best for me and they prayed for me to achieve every success in my life .They provided me the best nutrition to stay healthy and fit .

When i grow up according to their wish or how they want me to be healthy ,fit ,successfull then i changed .

I was so busy with my career ,my office ,my future plans that i forgot that those two persons are getting old (old man/woman is like child) i was so busy in fullfilling my promise which i done to my frnds i was busy impressing others and to be kind and nice toward them (which is taught by those two persons) that i forgot to be kind towards those two persons .

When they need me as i need them in my childhood i never helped them .

I never talk to them in the same manner that they use to talk to me.

I never wished same for them as they wished for me.

I used all the resources which they provided me to make my life better but i forgot them that they are also the part of my life.

I was so busy with my frnds that i forget that becuase of them i able to talk(which they taught me) .

I does not do it intentionally but i was so busy with my life that i forgot who gave me this life.. 

Those persons are my mother and my father .who just want me to be with them and play ,talk and love them like they once they did to me …

Parents are the best gift given by god to human being . Every thing is important in life frnds, wife , work ,office etc but dont forget relationship is much greater than any other thing specially mother and father (sepcially because in todays world they are the one who get neglected very easily by the children)

Respect them , love them because no one understands u better than them and no one love u without any conditions except your mother and father ๐Ÿ™‚ 

Note : its not me ๐Ÿ™‚ thnks for reading my blog (i know itss below good bt i will improve):)