Warning! English is not very accurate you will find many grammatical mistake ignore that 😉

Human being live in a community and every community had its own set of principles .In community there are diffrent class of peoples for example some people are bussinessman ,labour class etc. (you know much better than me) 

Classification of people is good for knowing their work ,what they do etc but classification of people does not give anyone licence to disrespect any member of the community based on their work.

  • Like in india farmers (back bone of india) many people see them inferior because they are not very rich and educated but if you closely observe their work you will came to know that without them no  life is possible .We are sleeping with full stomach because of them and their hard work . Still we think they are inferior because of their wealth ! And this is not only for farmers but every other class whom we think inferior to us because of wealth .

Imagine  a world with same set of principles for respect .

                        We All become one class ! Rich , educated , and with equal tallent .

So if i want to spend my money to build a mansion for me ! 🙂 who is going to build that for me 😦

If i need food 🙂 best quality  but wait no one want to do farming  then how do i get good food 😦 hmmmm i dont think that we will able to survive on this beautifull planet earth for more than a month 😦 if u think like this then u will realise the value and importance of each and every member of the community 🙂

Every one  is important and they are contributing in our survival so why not live with peace and treat every rich and poor in a same way 🙂 

Thankss ( just my views ) pardon me if i had said something wrong 😦